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An Asthma Story

by Agnieszka Tyszka Marta Bilecka-Dudzinska

This book is available for download on your iPad with iBooks or on your computer with iTunes.

A new, interactive story that helps children with asthma and allergy understand their illness.
„Asthma and allergy are the most common chronic diseases of the airways in children. Unfortunately, our knowledge about how to treat them often continues to be based on some „secretive knowledge”, so any form of education is bound to contribute to a better understanding of the problem of asthma. Children with asthma and allergy live among us and they have the same needs as their peers. If they are understood and helped by those around them, they can enjoy each and every day in spite of their illness.
The story written by Agnieszka Tyszka will not only help the child who has the disease and those who are taking care of this child in taming and accepting the disorder, but it will also make it possible to understand the benefits that come from its chronic treatment. With the right treatment, it is possible to effectively control asthma and allergy symptoms in young patients and therefore, it allows children who have asthma and allergy to lead a life and to play just like their healthy peers.
The book will also allow healthy children, their parents and teachers to become more familiar with asthma, its treatment and living with this disease.”
Joanna Lange, M.D., WUM – Clinic Pulmonology and Allergology of Children, subject matter consultant.


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